18 October 2021
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London… when you hear the word, it brings to mind many things. History, perhaps; architecture, culture, the monarchy. Double decker buses. Big Ben. But if that’s all you’re thinking of, you’re missing a key element of what London has to offer…the FOOD, the London Food. All over the city, you’ll find amazing restaurants serving up much more than the fish and chips folks commonly associate with the area. If you aren’t the sort who likes to wander around and try your luck, you may want to check out a restaurant guide in advance. Some to note include Square Meal, Harden’s, and the Earl of Bradford’s London Restaurant Guide, and of course many more can be found searching online. Another great way to find a fantastic restaurant if you’re from out of the area is to ask around for a local’s opinion. 

Just what sort of food is available in London? Here’s a breakdown of the selection:

• British
• Chinese
• French
• Haute Cuisine
• Indian
• Italian
• Japanese
• Middle Eastern
• Modern Eclectic
• Pan-Asian
• Spanish
• Thai
• Vegetarian

Peppered amongst these are Gastropubs, Pizza places, Tapas stands, and Fish eateries. Additional restaurants pop up each and every day with interesting and innovative selections, making the London food scene perfect for any palette. The Lodon Food ....

London food selections vary in price significantly, as do most offerings worldwide. But don’t fret if you’re budget conscious…there are plenty of London food choices that are delicious and reasonably priced. If you’re looking to spend £25 or less per person, you’ll have 333 London food venues to choose from at the moment.

222 Veggie Vegan in Fulham has a wonderful selection of vegetarian dishes with an average price of £24. Adams Café in West London offers North African cuisine that will tempt your tastebuds, with dishes including lamb stew, couscous, tagines, and merguez sausages for £23. For a variety of international choices in one location, Afghan Kitchen in North London is an ideal choice, also £23.

If Thai is your thing, the Amaranth Thai Market in South West London serves up an excellent meal for £18. Looking for a taste of North American food? The Arkansas Café has ‘great meat’…and an enormous rib eye pla

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